Foundations Family Care: Education, Fitness, Nutrition

Environment can make a significant impact on the education of a young child. That’s why we chose the historic Coxhead House for our center, Foundations Family Care. A beautiful historic landmark built in the 1890s by prominent nineteenth-century architect Ernest Coxhead as his country retreat, the spacious estate has abundant character and charm, making it a wondrous place for young children to imagine, explore, and create.

At Foundations Family Care, equal emphasis is given to education, fitness, and nutrition. Our program, for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, includes music, yoga, karate, dance, educational iPad instruction, art, baking, and more.

Bonnie is a credentialed teacher with 12 years of experience, and has a Master’s degree in school counseling. She is the mastermind behind the daily learning plans for the center’s full and half-day programs. Jeremy holds multiple college degrees and is responsible for the daily fitness and nutrition programs.

The home has a fairy tale cottage appearance, with stately red wood-paneled walls, gracefully carved archways, and expansive rooms that have been adapted for early learning. The former dining room now serves as a space for creating art, reading, learning through age-appropriate apps on iPads, and enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch, or snack. Organic options are offered whenever possible. In the music room, children can play piano, guitar, and a variety of instruments while the home’s extensive windows beam in natural light.

The outdoor space is just as beautiful as the inside. Outside, children can explore the Imagination Area, which is complete with a castle, caterpillar, and art easels. Or they can ride bikes, partake in sport specific exercises, or use sidewalk chalk on a large paved area. The home’s original carriage house has been converted to a yoga and dance studio, so that kids can practice good fitness habits.

Your child deserves a warm, inviting environment to learn, play, and grow. And that’s what you’ll find at Foundations Family Care.

Jeremy and Bonnie Slater

Owners of Foundations Family Care

37 E. Santa Inez Ave.

San Mateo, CA. 94401


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