Child care spots open now!

After completing our first round of enrollment, the schedules have settled and we have a limited number of spots still available! Looking for an enchanting and magical environment for your child to grow and learn? Our school is located in the Historic Coxhead house in San Mateo, California and offers the most unique environment. Call today and schedule a tour to see the school for yourself!
Ask for Jeremy (650) 458-3993

Only 1 Spot Left!

After being open for only five weeks, we are almost enrolled up to our permitted limit! We’ve had a great response from the local community with some of the favorites including our outdoor art and creativity area, and our Yoga/Dance studio. If you’re looking for a truly magical place for your child to learn and grow please call and schedule a tour! 650-458-3993

Full Day and Half Day child care Available in San Mateo!

Front Door

Foundations Family Care offers Full Day and Half Day child care for children 6 weeks through 5 years old. Whether you work 9-5 or just want to enrich your child’s day, Foundations Family Care’s unique environment is an excellent choice.  Our enrichment programs include:

  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Baking
  • Art
  • Sport specific activities
  • Music
  • Foreign Language Learning
  • Age appropriate educational iPad apps

To Learn more or sign up for a tour, please call: 650-458-3993. Also, please visit our About page and see more pictures in our Gallery.

A day at the playground

George and Jack’s school has some of those swings that have the full body shoulder harness with the giant plastic seat. They were the only swings available and Riley wanted to swing. So I went to put her in it and the boys started yelling at me to stop. Here’s how the conversation went:

Boys: Daddy, Riley can’t use that swing it’s for kids with hurt knees.

Me: What?

Boys: You know, their legs are hurt, they have “special knees”

Me: Trying to contain my laughter, “Do you mean they have special needs?”

Jack: NO, Listen to what I’m saying, they have hurt knees.

It made me laugh all day.

Special Thanks!

As of the beginning of September we are officially permitted and open for business. It has been a dream of ours to start a business for many years now, and it would not have been possible without the help from family and friends. Specifically I would like to thank; Kimberly Gillispie for photographing our center, Mark Slater for helping with logo and art concepts, Zane Judkins and Beau Rapelye for graphics and web guidance. Dayitta Strasser for operations support, Soren Johnson for concept art, and most importantly our parents Glenn & Diane Slater and George & Linda Gillispie. Without the financial and emotional support from our wonderful parents none of this would have happened. Family and Friends are the most important things in our lives and you should never be afraid to ask them for help or allow them to support you in any way they can. We love you all.